"I'm naturally a bit of a cynic. And I don't have the highest impression of real estate agents. But Natasha was nothing short of amazing. My wife and I are both lawyers and we've purchased homes in the past. But the Santa Cruz area and nearby beach communities (Pacific Grove, Carmel, etc.) are so idiosyncratic that even astute buyers/sellers need help to maximize their outcome.

In our situation, we started a broad search to purchase a home near the beach. We gradually worked with Natasha to the point where we were able to narrow our search (and avoid burn out) and Natasha was calibrated to our preferences and constraints. When we identified a good option, Natasha immediately went into tactical mode. She knows the process very well. She knows the likely outcomes of a given strategy, and she works hard to use every bit of leverage to get the best deal for her clients. In fact, I'm certain Natasha saved us a lot of money through her tactical thinking and hard work.

Throughout the process, Natasha had a great list of references for various services (contractors, lenders, inspectors, engineers, etc.). In fact, our original mortgage broker was not working out early in our search. Natasha immediately helped us switch gears, and we got back on track. As another example, she met with contractors at homes we were considering to help us evaluate the potential for a re-building and remodeling.

Natasha was always honest and realistic, which is the best advice one can really get. And she had a keen sense for what areas would best fit us. It could not have worked better. THANK YOU NATASHA!"

Bryson S. & Annie P.  |  Buyer  |  Santa Cruz

"It was one of my best experiences in buying a house."

"Natasha was a pleasure to work with. She was able to resolve all the issues that came up in the buying process. It was one of my best experiences in buying a house."

Aaron & Colleen E.  |  Buyer  |  Ben Lomond

"If you are looking for a real estate agent to help you in the Santa Cruz area, stop looking and call Natasha Mingay now!"

"Everybody knows buying real estate can be a long and difficult process. But imagine having to buy real estate in a city that you have never been to. That was the position I was in when my son was accepted to graduate school at UC Santa Cruz and even worse; I only had five months! And complicating that, there was nothing for sale which met my needs.

Fortunately, I discovered Natasha Mingay. Natasha is everything you dream a real estate agent would be. Professional, deeply knowledgeable of the market, experienced, attentive, detail oriented and committed to finding me the perfect property. She returned my calls and emails nearly instantaneously. When she needed to find something out, she did so immediately. I needed Natasha to be my eyes and ears.

I ultimately purchased a property without ever seeing it! She advised me to be patient early on. The market was very tight. We had to be ready to buy if the opportunity was right. She referred me to a lender who got me squared away with a pre-approval. When the right property became available, she advised on the offer. She structured a strong offer with a quick closing so we wouldn't be outbid as happens in Santa Cruz. When the counter offer came back, after calling her sources in the market, she advised me to accept it.

On my behalf, she chose the inspectors and scheduled them. The inspectors she chose were incredibly thorough. The windows had failed and she scheduled a company to prepare a bid which the seller then gave us a credit to replace the windows. THE BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a real estate agent to help you in the Santa Cruz area, stop looking and call Natasha Mingay now!"

Jim B.  |  Buyer  |  Santa Cruz

"...reliable and patient ..."

"Natasha is knowledgeable, reliable, and patient. She helped us navigate our offers and close on a home we are very happy with."

Matt & Meagan P.  |  Buyer  |  Aptos